The Reasons For The Short-Term Heat Generation Of Tattoo Machines

The Reasons For The Short-Term Heat Generation Of Tattoo Machines

During the use of Tattoo machines, the so-called heat generation problem that people usually encounter may be quite common. So what are the reasons for this?


In addition to eliminating quality issues with the machine itself, check if a suitable voltage has been used. Generally speaking, the working voltage of a shrapnel
machine is around 6-10 volts. Of course, each machine has its own rated voltage, and there may be some differences between different machines. So sometimes if the voltage is used too high, it can cause the machine to quickly heat up.
Another point is the use of skills, such as whether the leather band is tied too tight or too much, whether the needle is in a vertical position, whether the needle and the nozzle is matched, the curvature of the needle in the process of bending are too large... All of these will lead to tattoo needles and handle of the linkage
between the friction is too large, resulting in rapid heating of the machine in the process of use.

Motor machine in the process of using sometimes also encountered the machine in a short period of time work heat situation, so what is the reason for such a situation?

Excluding the quality of the machine itself, we have to consider the factors of the machine load, the load mainly comes from two aspects, the first is the same as the coil machine, the output voltage is not in a reasonable range of values, each motor machine has its rated voltage and rated power, the higher the power, the greater the load of the machine, the faster the heat.
On the other hand, the load originates from the one-piece needle. During the assembly process, whether it is assembled properly, the length of the needle, including the softness of the silicone inside, may all lead to differences in the amount of resistance. Too much resistance will directly cause the motor to generate load and additional heat during operation.
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