What tattoo should i get?

What tattoo should i get?

Even though our culture views tattoos as beasts, the last time you were on TV you still had to wrap a band of tape around your arm. But you can't deny that after seeing too many handsome tattoos of European and American celebrities, sometimes you really want to get one for yourself.
Indeed, more and more people are using tattoos to express their personality. We have reviewed countless cases of celebrity tattoos and planned them for you based on several possible starting points for tattoos, such as commemorative meaning and expression of respect; animal tattoos, religious tattoos, and other styles such as minimalist or unique head tattoos. Tattoo inspiration reference manual.
Getting a tattoo requires caution, but if you do find inspiration, it’s not a big deal to put down your phone and make a left turn to a tattoo parlor! See what kind of inspiration celebrity tattoos can bring to you!


The first tattoo in life usually has a special meaning, and the same is true for Miley, who now has tattoos as a daily routine. "Just Breathe" is a tribute to both Miley's grandfather, who passed away from cancer, and her friend Vanessa, who passed away from fibrocystic cysts.
“It reminds me not to take even things like breathing for granted because many people no longer have the opportunity to do that.”

The famous tattoo on Rihanna's chest that has been with her for many years is that of Isis, the ancient Egyptian goddess of motherhood. Riri hopes to commemorate her deceased grandmother with a perfect female image. But unless you have a "Bad Bitch" aura like Rihanna, you may not be able to control it.
Many people get lucky tattoos on their bodies, but sometimes doing the opposite has a deeper meaning. For example, horseshoes represent good luck in Western culture, but the stubborn Halsey does not believe in evil and insists on having the horseshoes tattooed upside down.

"I did it to show that I don't need luck. I work very hard and I don't believe in good things happening just because of pure luck. I believe in working hard and getting what you want."

Halsey's approach is very inspiring, the only thing required is the same domineering confidence as Halsey. For example, the tattoo of a koi carp is changed to a goldfish; the tattoo of "a big tiger on the body will bring great fortune" is changed to a big cat, etc. It is unique and I believe it will awe everyone who sees it.

Want to have your idol tattooed on your body? Look what Lady Gaga does. In 2016, Lady Gaga paid tribute to David Bowie during her Grammy performance. Not only that, she also added a tattoo of David Bowie from the Ziggy Stardust period on her ribs, which was done by tattoo master Mark Mahoney, which is quite eye-catching.

Gaga has always been a big fan of Bowie: "He is a real artist. I don't know if I will have the courage to say 'I will be like him' in the future.

Posty has used his skin as a graffiti board, and he has new tattoos within a few days. Only his most admired idols are left on his fingers: Elvis Presley, Kurt Kobain, Dimebag Darrel, John Lennon, Stevie Ray Vaughan, George Harrison and Bankroll Fresh.

"I will only tattoo people who have inspired me. Without them, I wouldn't be on the path of music now." Even Post Malone doesn't dare to tattoo people casually. You should also remember his principles.

Sweet and cute two-dimensional girls can find some inspiration from Ariana. Because Ariana loved "Spirited Away", she got a tattoo of Chihiro's bust on her arm.

Last year, Ariana also got a tattoo of Eevee because she likes playing Pokémon. This allows international superstars to take the initiative to tattoo their characters on their bodies. Nintendo really has you.

Drizzy has quite a few tattoos on his body. There is a huge portrait of Lil Wayne on his left arm, paying tribute to the big brother who promoted him into the industry.
In addition, he also has Aaliyah and a portrait of Rihanna eating ice cream, and he also shares the same small shark tattoo with Rihanna.
Want to have a love triangle with Drake and RiRi? Just get yourself a little shark tattoo.


The ultimate pursuit of tattoos is not necessarily perfection. Someone once asked Harry Style why the mermaid breasts on his arms are saggy. Harry's answer was "Because everyone should love themselves and don't have to struggle for perfection."

These words were thought-provoking, but looking at Harry's perfect face, I suddenly felt that these words coming out of his mouth were not very convincing.

She is also a model, but Cara can get whatever tattoos she wants. She already has nearly 30 tattoos on her body. This half-realistic, half-abstract elephant is also the work of Dr. Woo, who is also the author of the little lion on Cara’s finger.
Although I don’t know why Cara is so fond of the African zoo theme, tattoos often don’t make sense.

Narwhals, humpback whales, killer whales, sharks... I don’t know if it’s because Kesha has a particular preference for these creatures, or because her tattoo artist had a lot of marine illustrations when she was a child. In short, Kesha’s tattoos are very holistic and thematic.
The most special thing is the pink killer whale, which she describes as a "psychedelic whale", which is a little less ferocious and more girlish.

It’s no secret that Demi Lovato is obsessed with tattoos, and the one on her back called “Divine Feminine” is definitely one of the most beautiful.
According to tattoo artist Alessandro Capozzi, the creative concept came from Demi's soul rebirth. The black wings represent the unbearable past, while the light in the body symbolizes inner strength. The doves rising around her represent reaching a new level.
Religious themes are not limited to Christ, Mary, and crosses. It may be more valuable to start from your own experience.

The "Praying Hands" on Selena's thigh is a popular tattoo theme. The original painting was by German painter Dürer, and it was completed for Selena by the famous New York tattoo artist Bang Bang.

The rebellious SZA got her first tattoo as early as 13 years old. She didn’t have a tattoo about religious beliefs, but she had a back tattoo that she described as “predate religion” that was earlier than religion.
SZA himself explained the meaning of these graphics: "The heart-shaped chakra must be in the middle, the lotus is at the bottom, the full circle represents uniqueness and infinity, and the clockwise spiral is the earliest known symbol, representing constant flow and transformation. The other symbols represent energy , strength, creativity, leadership and life. The two stars formed by the triangle represent perfection and God’s omnipresent protection.
If you're going to get yourself a very complicated tattoo, it's best to be able to explain it to others in a clear and logical manner like SZA.

If having a tattoo on your body is no longer enough for you and you don’t want a Face Tattoo, you can get a tattoo on your head like Travis Scott. The tattoo artist who "made groundwork" on Travis' head is also one of the designated tattoo artists for Hollywood stars, Scott Campbell.
Compared with other rappers who have random tattoos, Travis’ aesthetic pursuit is really high.

Tattoo madman Zayn did not choose any specific content, but decorated the side of his head with petal graphics, which extended to his neck. Getting a tattoo on your head is one of the more discreet options because it won't be too noticeable once your hair is long.
Of course, the purpose of Zayn's tattoo on his head is definitely not to keep a low profile. Album sales aside, his tattoo area is definitely far ahead among the 1D members.

If you want to play tricks with your bald head, you might as well refer to YG. Think of your celestial cap as the Sistine Chapel. From a distance it looks like Our Lady of Mercy, and from a closer look it says "No weapon formed against me shall prosper (any weapon formed against me shall be destroyed)."
Fighting and killing while believing in Christ is very suitable for middle-aged gangsters, especially those who are bald and unwilling to have hair transplanted.

Want to get a tattoo but don’t want to stand out? Bella Hadid's approach may be worth learning from: She has a rose and a pair of wings tattooed on her elbows and ankles respectively, which are delicate but almost imperceptible.
Both tattoos are by micro-tattoo expert JonBoy.

Hailey Bieber makes a fuss about her hands. The meticulous single-needle technique is applied on the back of the hand without being conspicuous, and has a jewelry effect. The "B" above the little finger can refer to either "Baldwin" or "Bieber."
The person who completed this tattoo for her was the famous Dr.Woo.图片

Possibly the simplest tattoo in history and JonBoy's most relaxing work: Kendall and his friends left a white dot on the side of the middle finger. Kendall's modeling career is indeed not suitable for eye-catching tattoos. The reason why she chose white may be to avoid being mistaken for a mole.
Another use of this kind of dot tattoo is to record (remember Killmonger in "Black Panther"?). For example, each dot represents an ex, which seems pretty good.

If you want to be simple and meaningful, you can refer to Adele. At the 2013 Grammy Awards, everyone discovered that Adele had a tattoo behind her ear: a simple floral letter A.

This tattoo was added by Adele for her newborn son Angelo. The only thing you need to pay attention to when tattooing letters is to remember to avoid sensitive abbreviations in the Chinese context to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

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