Getting Started Manual for Tattoo Artists POSEIDONTATTOO

Getting Started Manual for Tattoo Artists POSEIDONTATTOO

Can I learn tattooing if I have no basic knowledge of painting?

sure! Tattooing is mainly divided into two parts. The early stage is tattooing practice, and the later stage is tattoo design. There will be no restrictions if you have a basic level of 0. After all, drawing on the body and paper are completely different concepts. In the early stage, you can learn painting and tattooing at the same time. Understand the tattoo style, improve your aesthetics, copy the tattoo manuscript, and you will naturally be able to draw. People who can draw may not necessarily be able to tattoo, but a tattoo artist who is good at tattooing will improve his painting skills without realizing it. Students with painting skills will be better able to get started with original designs in the later stages of learning tattoos.
The entry threshold for a tattoo artist can be very low, without any restrictions. At the same time, the requirements are also very high. It requires you to be responsible, patient, careful, perseverant, and have a pure heart for ten years.

Does learning tattooing require talent?

Talent is very important, but there is a saying that the stupid bird flies first. If you have talent, you will get started quickly, but as long as a craftsman is willing to work hard, he will eventually succeed. I believe in you, and please believe in yourself.

Can I learn tattooing by myself?

It's possible but not recommended. In reality, many self-taught students have taken many detours. They have been groping for a year and a half without any breakthrough. Some suddenly wake up and start learning again, which will delay a lot of time and waste a lot of energy. Experience needs to be accumulated through practice. Following an experienced master will help you improve yourself faster. So why bother to spend a lot of time exploring it yourself? After all, time is money.





Do I need to come to class all day to learn tattooing?

It is faster to learn tattooing "full-time". If you are a student or an office worker, you can choose to learn tattooing part-time. We will customize courses according to each person's situation. You can study in the evening after getting off work, study all day on weekends, and study during winter and summer vacations. When you are not with the master, you can still communicate and provide guidance online.

What are the differences between different tattoo classes?

1-3 months is more suitable for further study, for students with basic art and tattoo skills to improve their skills. Students with zero basic knowledge can only learn superficial knowledge, and after the class is over, they need more time to digest the knowledge and practice techniques on their own. If you have enough budget, courses of more than 3 months are best. If you just want to try it out, you can learn about the industry through a few days of tattoo interest classes. This kind of class will not help you become a real tattoo artist, but it can help you choose a good tattoo artistand it can also make you feel yourself. Do you have the talent to be a tattoo artist?

How long does it take to learn how to tattoo?

If you want to be a qualified tattoo artist, you need to keep learning. Currently, there is no standard to determine the level of tattooing. If you want to get started with tattooing, you can usually try it under the guidance of a master in one month depending on your situation. I have done a simple small tattoo, but there are too many tattoo styles. Different styles, different locations, and different skin types have different techniques. There are still a lot of knowledge points when broken down. Therefore, there is no such thing as a master in this industry, and many tattoo artists who have been in the industry for ten years are constantly learning.

Is the tuition fee for tattooing too high?

There is no free lunch in the world! There are a lot of tricks behind cheap learning and free learning. If you are greedy for temporary gains and fail to learn real skills, you will take many detours. Tattooing is an art that pays great attention to skills. With the development of society, everyone's pursuit of tattoos will become more and more perfect. If you can't learn the correct methods and techniques, you will face failure when you open a shop and start a business. Even if you are lucky enough to survive for a while, some incorrect theories are deeply ingrained in your mind and will be difficult to correct in the future, so you should still be cautious when choosing a master.

Will I be paid while studying tattooing?

Apprentices are not paid, and the tattoo shop does not include room and board. This situation will last until you can start tattooing, so students who want to learn tattooing should consider this issue. After completing your studies, you can open your shopor you can sign a contract with a resident tattoo artist. No matter which way you go, your tattoo income will increase with your skills. The better your skills, the higher your income will be.

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