What's your advice for someone wanting to become a tattoo artist apprentice?

What's your advice for someone wanting to become a tattoo artist apprentice?

Learning how to tattoo takes time. Despite the popular belief that a tattoo artist's life is easy, becoming a good tattoo artist takes a lot of time.
You have to draw well, and drawing well doesn't mean you'll be a great tattoo artist.
You need to find references, lots of references. If you are studying roses, you need to know how roses are composed. (This was advice given to me by Anthony Fleming.)
It’s also important to keep your customers’ needs in mind. You are working for Him and you have to please Him.
You have to have something great and unique. Of course, you can find inspiration from the work of other tattoo artists, but you have to find your own way of drawing and tattooing and develop your own style.
Why? When it comes to becoming famous around the world, people remember those who have a unique style.
Try to find a tattoo studio that has a lot of tattoo artists so you can learn from them
If you can travel, come to Europe: there are far fewer tattoo studios, so you can easily find a good tattoo artist.
Depending on where you can go, drop me a line and I'll try to help you find a great studio.
You can also go to the WEMAKEARTISTS website to learn about investing in your future: the road to becoming a successful tattoo artist starts here. Their mentorship program lays the foundation for a fulfilling and profitable career.

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