Gold Lightning wireless Dual Battery Rotary Tattoo Pen HM124

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Size: Single Battery

Why choose Poseidon Body Machine?

The Poseidon Tattoo Machine is a top pick for tattoo artists. It's reliable, precise, and durable, making it perfect for detailed work. With its ergonomic design, versatile functions, and user-friendly features, it’s great for long sessions and different styles. Plus, it’s a trusted brand with positive reviews and offers great value for money.

The Ultimate Choice for Artists

Discover the HM124 Tattoo Machine

  • Innovation in Your Hands: This isn’t just a tattoo machine; it’s a leap forward in tattooing technology. It’s crafted for artists who demand excellence and reliability in their tools.
  • Customer-Focused Design: Every aspect of the HM124 is designed with the artist in mind, from the grip to the balance, ensuring you have the best tool to bring your art to life.
  • Unmatched Support: When you choose Poseidon, you're not just getting a machine; you're getting a partner in your artistic journey, backed by top-notch customer service and support.
High quality motor Strong torque 7.9V Smooth shaft rotation 4-12V RCA POSEOON voltage POWER TRANSMISSION Unique head-end knob ball, softer use, long stroke of0-4.2mm

Stable Beginner Tattoo Pen

The ergonomic lightweight pen-style tattoo pen operates at a rated voltage of 10V DC with a power rating of 4.5W.

It features strong torque motors, produces less vibration and noise, contributing to a smoother tattooing process with reduced heat generation during operation.

Smooth shaft rotation and adjustable needle depths make it suitable for shading and lining work.

Tattoo Battery BATTERY OF 7.9V 1500MAH POSCOON Usable time for 4H PER

1500mAh Battery Capacity

🔋 7.9V Power
🔋 Up to 4 Hours of Use on a Single Charge

Get the power and reliability you need for your tattoo sessions with the Poseidon battery. Perfect for professionals who demand the best. Don’t let a dead battery interrupt your creative flow!


Upgrade Your Tattoo Game with Poseidon Tattoo Needles!

🔹 Compatible with All Models
🔹 High-Quality Needles for Precision and Durability
🔹 Four Versatile Configurations

No matter what tattoo machine you use, Poseidon tattoo needles have got you covered. Our needles are designed to fit any model, ensuring you can create with confidence and precision. Choose from various configurations to suit your style and achieve the perfect result every time.

Gold Lightning wireless Dual Battery Rotary Tattoo Pen HM124
Gold Lightning wireless Dual Battery Rotary Tattoo Pen HM124 Sale priceFrom $62.90 USD Regular price$108.00 USD
Gold Lightning wireless Dual Battery Rotary Tattoo Pen HM124
Gold Lightning wireless Dual Battery Rotary Tattoo Pen HM124 Sale priceFrom $62.90 USD Regular price$108.00 USD
Pen Material

Aircraft Aluminum



Pen Size

Diameter 30mm, Height 120mm

Pen Net Weight


Battery Net Weight


Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Kirsten Konopelski

Everything arrived right and in the correct time, thank you Poseidon team ..

Emerald Cummings

They held my machine in customs, and it took a long time to arrive, but in the end it came and it seems to work well. I have to try it a little more. Looks like it hits soft to have 4.2 stroke but I 've used it little. For the price, it's okay

Fern Bergstrom

I liked it a lot, I even did work with her, I'm still getting the hang of it, I used a rotary machine, and it changes a little bit to pen, it delivered almost on the last day of the schedule.

Johnny Bogisich

I have ordered about 25 pieces, and they always arrived on time, but this last time I asked for 16 and only 6 arrived and others two weeks later, I am very disappointed.
Although I have to admit, it is a good purchase, it is very worthwhile, of course, only if they reach you...

Sienna Runte

As the description


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